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Cooperative Bank of Karditsa will NEVER ask for your password, as it is personal and should not be revealed to anyone.Make Sure you keep your passwords safe in a way that they cant be stolen.

Use the e-banking platform only through the website of Cooperative Bank of Karditsa and not through any unrelated links or search results.

Make sure your system is updated with latest version (Windows, Browser, Antivirus) and make frequent virus scans.

Caution! There are reports concerning malicious software that can install themselves on your device without you noticing and steal your passwords. If you notice something weird while you are logged in to the platform like weird messages or prompts asking for your password dont respond. Do a virus or malware scan and clean any potential infections. Delete any suspicius e-mail asking for personal data or have weird attachments.

For any questions or problems contact Cooperative Bank of Karditsa at +302441040099.

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